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Gold & Silver


As the market place for precious metals has emerged as a lucrative investment option, many new investors are doing their research. To help investors enter the precious metals market with their eyes open, we've gathered the top frequently asked questions when it comes to precious metals.

If you don't find the answer to your question here, please contact us by email at or call us. We're happy to help.  

Q: Can I come to Treasury Vault for investment advice?
A: No, absolutely not. We are not investment advisers or financial consultants. We are'n't authorized or licensed to provide you with investment directives. We buy and sell precious metals only. Please do your own research, review your current financial situation, and purchase carefully. Purchasing precious metals is always a  risk, and you should be aware of that. The information on this website is our opinopn, and should not be viewed as financial advise.

Q: What size orders can you handle?
A: We are a volume dealer and can handle large and small orders. Please contact us directly on rates for orders over 50 million.

Q: Where can I go to check the current value of my precious metals?
A: You can call us. We can give you either our "buy back" price for the metals (if we are in a position to buy) or the bid price from one of our suppliers. On bullion products you can also see the bid price on the ticker at the top of the website for current bullion bid prices.
Q: Does Treasury Vault Group honor all orders?
A: If the payment is received within 24 hours the order will be fullfilled. However, if we don't receive your payment within 24 hours, your invoice may be re-valued if the market moves up more than 2%. You are subject to a 3% cancellation fee if you fail to fund your order. All orders are final upon receipt of invoice.
 Q: What happens if your gold & silver prices goes down after I've already made an order? Can I return the precious metals I've purchased?
 A: If our prices go down, you won't receive a price adjustment on orders placed prior to the change. We reserve the right to change the asking price of all our precious metal products without prior written or verbal notice, and at any time. We do not allow returns, as all sales are final. However, we are willing to pay a fair market rate in a "buy back." Should you have additional questions about this, please feel free to call us.
Q: Do you buy back precious metals?
Yes, either we will or one of our network partners will. When you are ready to take profits, we’re ready to help you sell. Just give us a call.

Q: What do you do with the information from site visitors and clients?
A: The information we collect is not shared or used for any reason. It will only be made available in the event we are audited. You can view our “Privacy Policy” here.

Q: How long will the price of my order stay the same?
A: Irrespective of how large or small your order is, we allow a grace period of 24 hours to allow you to fund your account. After 24 hours, your price is subject to re-adjustment. However, there are always exceptions. If you fail to fund your account in the allotted time, contact an Account Executive to learn about your options.

Q: How can I fund my account?
A: You can use a personal check, a cashier’s check, a bank wire or a money order to fund your account. We prefer if you use a bank wire, because it's the safest and fastest way to fund your account. If you choose to do a wire we will waive the shipping and insurance cost. If you're planning on using a personal check, please let your Account Executive know so the billing department is notified of the transaction. Please note we cannot lock in your price until your check clears.

Q: Can I use a credit card to fund my account?
A: No. Orders can’t be funded using a credit card. For online purchases, you can only hold the availability and price of your desired positions using your credit card but after the 24 hour grace period is over, you will need to fund the account fully using one of the four payment options mentioned above.

Q: Are there any hidden fees during the transaction?
A: We charge a flat fee for insurance and shipping for all orders. Your position is guaranteed for the entire purchase value that’s insured for, which is sent via express mail to you. All these fees are inclusive of the cost of the precious metals that you buy. In other words, the price quoted by your account executive for precious metals is the final price . You will not need to pay any additional fees.

Q: How will my precious metals be shipped?

A: Once you have completely funded the order,  your precious metals are shipped to you registered/insured and we provide you a tracking number via e-mail, so that you can track the package until its delivered. Since all shipments require a signature, you should track your order and be at the address when the package arrives. From the moment your order is placed, it will take anywhere from 2-15 days for the precious metals to reach your hand. Once you get it, make sure to store your precious metals immediately in a safe. We use UPS, FedEx or USPS to send all packages. For larger institutional purchases, we use Brinks for the orders delivery, all of which are accompanied by an armored guard.

Q: What should I do after I receive my precious metals?
A: Once your precious metals arrive, we suggest you to store them immediately. Having a safe deposit box at your local bank is one option for such storage. They are inexpensive and usually cost $75-$125 yearly depending on the size. Since these safe deposit boxes are easily accessible and secure, you can take a look at your safe deposit box on any of the six working days of the week at most banks, and even store additional valuable items like important documents, stock certificates, and jewelry. Since banks do not require you to disclose any information about the contents of your box, your safe deposit box will be completely private. Additionally, you can purchase home safes that can be delivered to your door. Click here for our Safes and Vaults.

Q: What categories of gold can I invest in?
A: Usually, you can invest in three categories of physical gold. The first category is plain gold bullion, which is any newer gold coin or bar that continues to be minted and is abundant in supply. Second is private gold, also called certified or numismatic gold and belongs to the second category, which refers to any gold coin that is either minted in low supply, rare or is no longer minted at all. The third category is of proof gold which was designed especially in 1987 for retirement accounts. Since each of these categories of gold has different benefits, it's best to call (888) 348-2441 to speak with an Account Executive to get details of which one will meet your investment objectives the best.