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About Treasury Vault

Treasury Vault provides you with the ability to purchase various foreign currencies from around the world AND also offers lower prices on gold and silver. The gold and silver pricing is updated every 5 minutes to stay consistent with the current live pricing you’ll notice on the site’s homepage. We also provide the highest security features and fireproofing in our safes and vaults which are also available on the home home page. We have been following the speculation surrounding the New Iraqi Dinars along with the currencies of Afghanistan, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Brazil, Vietnam, South Korea, Mongolia, Chile and others for many years and strive to make those and any other currencies available when requested.

We pride ourselves on striving daily to understand the ever changing needs and wants of our customers. Being the very best and striving for perfection is our goal, so we seek to work with those who appreciate the level of effort we go through to provide the kind of service we, ourselves would expect. We stand apart from all other currency dealers in the world in customer service, protective order fulfillment, and promotional offerings.

We understand your experience working with a company on things such as currencies, commodities, and security needs to be one you remember for good reason. We understand the incredible care and privacy that is expected when handling your money and fulfilling your orders with exactness. Earning your trust is everything to us.

Because of this, we made a decision to go the extra mile in our order fulfillment efforts for you. Not only do we guarantee the authenticity of the world currency notes we make available for purchase, but we take the extra step to ensure your safety. For a small fee, on Iraqi Dinar 25k notes, we provide you the option to receive your order with a CD filled with the scanned images of the currency within your order along with their individual serial numbers. For all currencies we exchange, we include a Certificate of Authenticity with every purchase.

We go the extra mile and take this step for you if you wish to choose this option with your order.

We are all closely monitoring the news and markets daily for information that will tell us of any major exchange rate change (positive or negative) of the currencies in which we make a market. Should any currency make a significant move, we provide our FREE SMS Text Alert Service to help you be alerted to such changes in a timely manner.

If you are interested in signing up for this FREE service, please text the word "VAULT" to phone number 99000. That's all you have to do to sign up for this NEW service we feel will help you stay connected and informed regardless of the time of day or where you are located. At times, it may also provide special discounts or promotions exclusive to SMS subscribers.

Thank you for your interest and patronage. 

We wish you an extraorDINARy day!

Treasury Vault